Retirement Realities

Retirement today is more challenging that in past years. Watch this to understand your new retirement realities.

Sarah and Shea's Story

True story of Sarah, Barney, and Shea. 

What happens when the unexpected happens?

Financial Blind Spot #6 Procrastination

Or could just watch this later. 

Procrastination can kill your retirement dreams. 

For many, this is the biggest challenge to overcome and have a happy and successful retirement.

Financial Blind Spot #7 - When Can I Retire?

Knowing when you can retire is a big part of the retirement puzzle. Check out this interview. 

How Does a Fixed Indexed Annuity provide Guaranteed Income?

Fixed Indexed Annuities provide Safety of Principle, Tax Deferral, and Guaranteed Retirement Income you can't outlive. Find out how these products work.

Leaving a legacy

No one that has ever lost a loved one has  said that "Life Insurance cost too much." 

Because of Life Insurance - Life will go on for your loved ones you left behind.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Learn how Fixed Indexed Annuities Guarantee Lifetime Income you can't outlive?

Busting Myths on Diversification, FIAs & More

There is a lot of misinformation about Fixed Indexed Annuities on the web. Watch and learn more about them.

Are you Ready for 30 Years In Retirement?

Everyday is a gift of time. We are living longer lives. 

Because of this we need to plan for the income it will take to enjoy our gift of time.